Custom Payment Gateway

Custom Payment Gateway

Clients with Pro Plan or above can setup their own payment gateway. As of now, we provide API integration with Razorpay (recommended) and Instamojo, but in the future, we will allow integrations with more payment gateways.

Razorpay Integration

Please follow the below steps to setup the Razorpay account and then integrate it with the Edmingle LMS platform.
  1. First of all, please make sure you already have Razorpay account. If not, please sign up using the below link.


    1.      If you are using Edmingle’s landing page, please make sure you provide information about your organization in the About Us section and include Cancellation and Refund Policy page as well.

    2.       Razorpay team will take some time to verify your account after you sign-up. Once done, you can go ahead with the integration.

  2. If the account already exists, please login to your Razorpay account using the below link.
    Razorpay Login
  3. Please setup the mode as Live Mode.
    You can switch between the Test and Live modes using the drop-down option at the top of the Razorpay Dashboard.

  4. Click on Settings (available at the bottom of the left-side navigation panel),
  5. Then, click on Webhooks and setup the live webhook using the below steps.
    1. Click on +Add New Webhook.

    2. Mention the Webhook URL as
    3. Give an email address in Alert Email tab to receive emails for webhook failures (this is an optional field).
    4. Select the payment captured in the Active Events section.
    5. Finally, click on Create Webhook to complete the process.

  6. Now, open your LMS admin panel.
  7. Click on Settings option and select Integration.
  8. Then, select Payment Gateway and under Custom Payment Gateway section, click on Update Details available in front of Razorpay.

  9. Update the Razor Keyid & Razorsecret and click Save.
    Please go through the below YouTube video to fetch the above keys from Razorpay panel.

  10. The above step completes the Razorpay integration with the LMS panel.

Instamojo Integration

If you do not have an Instamojo account, please sign-up using the below link.
Instamojo Sign-up
Note: The Instamojo team may take some time to verify and activate the payment gateway.

Once the payment gateway is active, follow the below steps to integrate with Edmingle’s LMS.

  1. Login to your Instamojo account using the below link.
    Instamojo Login

  2. Click on API & Plugins to get keys which are to be updated in the LMS panel.

  3. Now, open the LMS admin panel in a separate window.
  4. Click on Settings option and select Integration.
  5. Then, select Payment Gateway and under Custom Payment Gateway section, click on Activate option available in front of instamojo.

  6. One may receive the below pop-up at the top, select Change Payment Gateway,

  7. Then, update the API keys here (fetched from the Instamojo panel) to activate the gateway.

  8. This completes the setup.

Please send us an email at if you have any questions or concerns.

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