Google Developer Account Setup

Google Developer Account Setup

Step 1. Kindly sign up for a Google play console account using below link

Step 2. Select account Type for whom you are creating an account,  and click on Get Started.
We highly recommend businesses to setup this up "As an organization or business"

Step 3. Fill the Organization and Contact Person details.

Organization Details: 
  1. Developer name: A public name for your developer account. This will be visible to the user below the App Name on the Google Play Store.
  2. Organization name: The full, legal name of your organization. This will not visible to the users on Google Play.
  3. Organization phone number: The main phone number associated with your organization, including country or area cod. This will not visible to the users on Google Play.
  4. Organization website: This won't be shown on Google Play.
Contact Person Details: 
  1. Contact name
  2. Contact email address: This will be use for all communication about your account. It can be different to the email address associated with your Google Account and can be a group mailing list.  It won't be visible to user on Google Play.
  3. Contact phone number: Include country or area code. This will be use to send information about your account. It won't be visible to user on Google Play.|

Step 4. Fill in the details, Accept Terms and click on Create account and pay by $25 to the google.

Step 5. Once the account is created, go to Users and Permissions on left- invite New User on the right, to give access to us for your developer account, so that we can upload the Application in Developer account on your behalf.

User 1:" as administrator(expiry never) and send an invite.
User 2: as administrator(expiry never) and send an invite
as administrator(expiry never) and send an invite.

Once all the steps are completed kindly fill out this form>>Click Here<< so that we can receive the details and make sure to get  your application deployed.

Recently, we have noticed that, Google is asking to Verify contact information for your developer account. If you are getting such message on the Google Play Developer Account admin Dashboard, click on Verify ID and upload valid document mentioned there ( any one ).
Please refer to Google Support Article:  Verify your identity
Edmingle Android Team will take 7-10 working days to upload the App on the Client Developer Account once we received the invite and after that live it will be on the Google to review and make the Application live on the Play Store. Any rejection in the review stage may lead to further delay in release. 

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