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Email White Labelling | Mailgun Integration

Our LMS platform allows our clients to send email communications like SignUp Email, Course Welcome Email, Payment Reminder, etc. to students. By default, all the emails go from However, we provide email white-labelling option to our clients (with Professional Plan and above).

Email white-labelling allows the clients to use their own domain to send emails to their students/customers. This is a more personalized way to connect with your customers. 

In order to use the white-labelled email address, we need to complete the following two processes.

  1. Mailgun Account Set-Up
  2. Updating relevant information in LMS

Mailgun Account Set-Up

Please follow the below steps to set-up mailgun and verifying the domain.
  1. Go to the link
  2. Enter your personal details (Full Name, Company name, etc.), payment info and select the plan as per your requirement.

  3. After entering all the details, click on Create Account to complete the setup.

    Note: Once you sign-up for Mailgun, you will receive a verification email on your email address. Please click on the link given in the email to validate the email address.
    In addition, Mailgun may ask you for the business use-case in a separate email, so please provide them the relevant information.
  1. Once the account setup is complete, a domain would have to be added in the Mailgun. Please follow the below link to add a domain:

  2. Once the domain is added, one would have to add the DNS records to the hosting provider. Below article will take you through the process. Please follow from Step 2 in the article as the domain is already added.

    Note:  If the domain is not verified even after 24 hours, please raise a support ticket to Mailgun team through your Mailgun admin dashboard.

Updating Information in LMS

Once the domain is verified, we will complete the setup in the LMS panel to use the white-labelled domain.

Please follow the below steps:

  1. Login to your LMS panel.
  2. Click on Settings (available at the bottom-left of the navigation panel) and then on Integration.
  3. Click on Email Automation and then on Configure to setup Mailgun.

  4. Please fill the following details and then click on Save and Update to complete the setup.
    1. Private API Key
      Use the link to find the API key from Mailgun panel.
    2. Domain Name - This is the same domain name which you added while setting up the Mailgun account.
    3. From Email – This can be anything like support or noreply which will precede @domainname like and will be used to send the email communications to the customers.

For any further queries, please send us email at


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