How to Create an Online Test/Exercise

How to Create an Online Test/Exercise

The first major step in creating an ‘Online Test’ is adding the question bank for the respective online test which you can later use in the different tests as per the requirement.

Steps to add Question Banks

  1. Go to Courses & Content
  2. Click on ‘Question Bank’ on the top left-hand side. 
  3. Click on ‘Add new’

  4. Enter the required details (all are mandatory) such as Name of the question bank, Exam, Subject, Difficulty Level, Question Type and Short Description and based on the details filled, information will be tagged to those filters which will help you to identify them with ease. 
  5. Click on Create if you want to add the questions later or Click on Create and Add Questions if you have your content ready.

Now that the Question Bank has been created questions should be added to make it work as per our requirements.  

There are two ways to add the questions:

  1. Add them manually one after the other or (Click on '+Add New')
  2. Bulk upload of questions (Click on ‘+ Upload File’)

Bulk upload helps in the easy upload of multiple questions in the correct WORD/CSV FILE format required as per the system. To view the correct format to upload a question bank please check the Sample Files attached at the bottom of the page.

Create an Online Exercise:

Once the question bank has been created go to the Course & Content where you would like to create the online test, under the courses, click on the Course Name and follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. To create an Online Test, Click on the Course Program name selects the curriculum where all the created courses are listed.
  2. Click on ‘Manage Content’ on the Curriculum you wish to create the online test.
  3. Click on the section you wish to have this >> Click on ‘+ Add Assessment >> Online Exercise’ >> Fill out the details and Click on Create. 

  4. Once all the required details filled click on the create and after page reload move to the ‘Test Data’ on top of the display window. You will get the option to manage the structure of your test. An online test comprises single or multiple parts. Under each part, you can attach a question bank.

  5. Click on ‘+Add question bank’ >> You will get pop-up providing options to create a question bank where you can enter the questions manually or choose from the existing question bank. Since you have already uploaded the question bank you can switch over to the tab where you can choose from the existing question bank. You can change the filter option and get the question bank you require. Click on Add corresponding to that question bank and it will be added to it. 

  6. You can also preview the created question bank using the ‘Preview Test’ option on the top right-hand side of the screen. You will get the exact view as it would be available for a student. If it’s as per your requirement you can close that window. 
  7. If you wish to create another part in the same Online Test you can click on ‘Add New Part’ enter the required details and click on Create. Once you have created a new part the process is the same to upload a question bank.
  8. You have successfully created an online test. 

Creating and Schedule an Online Exam:

Scheduling an online exam on the Edmingle LMS system can be a simple process if you follow the necessary steps. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to schedule an online exam:

  1. Create Question Bank/Banks: Before scheduling an online exam, it's essential to create necessary Question Banks, you can skip this steps if you are planning use the questions from the existing question banks. You can create a question bank by adding questions manually or by importing them in bulk through Word or CSV file. It's important to organize the questions based on categories, levels of difficulty, and topics to make it easier to select questions for a specific exam.
    Refer this part of the article: 
    Steps to add QUESTION BANK

  2. Set up the exam: After creating the question bank, navigate to the Test section of the Course, follow the steps mentioned below
    1. Go to Courses & Content

    2. Click on the Name of the Course Program under Courses where where you want create the Online Exam
    3. Once the course selected, on the Curriculum, click on the Manage Content and navigate to the Test and click on the +Add New Test

  3.  Set Up The Exam Details: Now next step is to to setup the exam details such as the Exam Name, Time Duration, Passing Percentage and Instructions. Ensure that the exam settings are configured correctly, such as the number of attempts allowed, time limits.

  4. Select questions for the exam: Once the exam basic details filled and saved, next step is to select the question for the exam from the question bank, select questions for the online exam. You can choose questions based on categories, levels of difficulty, and topics. Ensure that you add the correct number of questions and set the correct score for each question. Navigate to Test Data.

  5. Configure exam options: Once you have selected the questions for the exam, configure the exam options such as randomization of questions and Options, Part/Section Descriptions and Selective Questions for the Exam from Question Bank. Ensure that you select the right options to prevent cheating during the exam.

    1. Randomization of questions and Options: Click on the Exam Part/Section Edit and do the configuration as per your need

    2. Updating Part/Section Descriptions: Here, you can update the section description by clicking on the Edit button again

    3. Manage Questions: Here, you can choose the selective Questions for the Exam
      >> Click on the Manage questions  

      >> Navigate to Edit Settings

      >> Choose from how you want questions from the Question Bank to be selected: Automatically Selected or Manual Selection 
      uncheck Always use all questions from this question bank, if the Automatically Question is checked and you want fixed number questions to be selected by the system for the assessment.
            Put the number of questions you want for the assessment manually.

  6. Schedule the exam: After configuring the exam options, schedule the exam for a specific date and time. Ensure that you provide the students with sufficient notice about the exam schedule to avoid confusion.

    Click on the Availability option on the right top and follow the steps:

    First, select the batch/batches where want to schedule this Exam and once the batches selected, either you can go with test availability as per Attendance Record or Set Availability as per Start Date/Time and End Date/Time
    Suggested to go as per Set Availability  

  7. Preview the exam: Before launching the exam, test it to ensure that it's working correctly. It's also essential to test the exam with a few students to ensure that there are no issues with the exam delivery.

  8. Exam Availability on the Student Login: The scheduled exam will be available on the Student Dashboard under Exams Tab(Web) and Examinations on the Application.

    All the Best :) 

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