Course Creation

Course Creation

Course Creation

This setting involves setting up your course bundles or packages to be available on your website which can be easily purchased by interested students.

A course package is similar to a class package 

ex. Subjects being taught in the Class 9th all together is a Course Package and the subjects are its Curriculum. 

In the Courses & Content page you will see these list of options: 

  • Courses

  • Question Banks

  • Class Recordings

  • Categories

  • Sub-Categories


To create a course package follow the below-mentioned steps and fill the details required: 

You will have to go to ‘Courses & Content’ Click on ‘+Course’

A new pop-up window will open up and fill up the required details similar as mentioned in the table below. 

Once you click on the ‘+Course” option you will get the following tab as displayed below

In this tab 

  • Course Name : This will be the course name which you’re creating 

  • Is live course:  In case if the course that is created is a live course you can select this option

  • Subject Modules: In case if you’re creating a bundle of already existing courses you can choose this option. 

  • Course type: 

    • Online Only: If the course being created is for online teaching or e-learning course

    • Classroom Program: If it is an offline course and you would be using this portal to manage the classes and attendance of students. 

Click on Create once you have filled all the required details. 

You will be redirected to a new page once you have created the course

Where you will get the following options: 

  • Course details

  • Curriculum

  • Batches

  • Pricing & Publish

  • Add/Remove Content folders

  • Manage Content

Course Details: 

  • Using this tab you will be able to make changes to your course display and basic settings by click on the Edit option  as follows: 

Basic Setting:

    • Course Name

    • Short Description for the course

    • Allow Course unenrolling: If the student wants to unenroll from a course he/she has purchased from your institute

    • Allow content Access after completion: If you wish the student to access your content after the course has been marked as complete or if the course has been completed in the timelimit alloted for it. 

Course Online Display: 

  • Landing Page URL:  Customization of landing page URL can be achieved using this setting

  • Display Image: if there’s any image you want to display to the students it can be added here

  • Overview: Any additional detailed information which you would like to display on the landing page of the course, it can be managed from here. Various options of including text, HTML, or videos are available in this setting. 

Pricing & Publish: 

By going to the pricing and publishing you will be able to enter the desired price for the package and also choose the payment that is being offered to the student by you. 

Click on pricing & Publish >> +Assign to branch

I.e Full payment or Payment in Installments (months of 3,6 & 12) can be selected ( has to be created prior using fee templates option)

Please see to it that the Online Payment option is selected so that the course may come on the page when you publish. 

You will also get the option to choose the pricing for each one separately in case it's required by a student for individual curriculum.

By default the course is published once you have created the course content, you will be able to Unpublish by clicking on the Green Coloured Publish option. 


In case of multiple branches only after a course is assigned to a particular branch in Pricing & publish you will be able to create a batch for it or else a default batch is created by default. 

You will be able to make changes to the batch using the drop-down to Set the start date & End date, Edit the schedule for the batch.  In case if you don't wish to manage the batch from here, you can also go to the batches tab and manage it from there. 

For more information on that click here


In the curriculum tab, you will get the option to Manage Course & Add/Remove content folder. 

Using the Add/Remove Content Folder : 

The following tab will open when you click on the option where you would be able to make any changes to the course package by adding any additional courses to bundle it with this or remove any bundle with this. 

If any course has been removed or added it also has to be changed under batches by using the Edit Details option.  

In order to remove any curriculum from an already existing batch if you face any issue click here

Manage Content: 

You can click on this option to make changes to the teaching material inside the course.

Add Section you will be able to add the lessons for that particular subject which can be made a prerequisite (mandatory).

Once you have created the Content Title and other details as mentioned below: 



Section Name 

Mention the name of the section.

Short Description

Mention a short description for the particular course

You will also get the option to make this a Prerequisite (mandatory/Compulsory) for the students to complete before proceeding forward to the next section.

Click on Create to get the same updated.

Click on the title that you have added to make the content inside of it. Click on Teaching material to add the required content and other details as mentioned below:




Displays the name of the section for which the teaching material needs to be added.


Provide the name of the teaching material

Material Source

Select the type of material to be displayed

1)Video- Adding on video possible under the format MP4 or WebM.

2)Other File-This may include PDF, Image, Audio, PPT, XLS type of material

3)External URL- Update any link to a webpage, YouTube Video.


Select the file for the chosen Material Source.

Maximum Views

This dropdown provides the maximum views that can be provided to a student.

Short Description

Mention a short description for the particular course


This section provides an option for whether the file is downloadable or not by the student

Click on create to get the same updated.

You also have the option to preview the content added and Edit, Publish/Unpublish, Free Preview, Download & Delete.

Free Preview enables students to view that content from the website by just getting signed up for the Free-preview section which can later be bought by the student for a fully paid course. 

You have the option to make the entire section a Free preview or any particular topic it as a free preview

By clicking on the Free Preview option for the required section/ any particular topic you will be able to make them a Free Preview for the list of batches available for the particular curriculum. 

By using the option of Publish/Unpublish You will also get the option to make the particular section or any particular topic available for the required classes that have this curriculum in it. 

You will also get the option to Preview the contents added in the particular topic and also download it if required. 

By using the option of delete you can delete the particular topic or the entire section created but please be careful that once deleted it will reflect on the curriculum that you have created. 

You also get the option to create a online exercise, Assignments and tests. For more information Click here

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