International Selling

International Selling

The feature enables educators to sell their courses internationally in more than 60+ currencies. This feature allows you to add multiple currencies in the system and the course fees will be displayed to the end user based on their region, but only if their native currency is added in the system. Otherwise, the system will show the default currency set by the admin.

This documents covers the following topics:

  1. Pre-requisites for International Selling
  2. Enable & Set-up International Selling
  3. Setting-up additional currency for a Course
  4. Key Points to Remember

Pre-requisites for International Selling

Please make sure the following settings are set before you enable the International Selling feature.
  1. Payment Gateway
    The payment gateway must be set to collect the payments from the learners looking to enroll into the available courses. Sharing the articles below which will take you through the step-by-step process to setup the payment structure.
    1. Edmingle Payment Gateway
    2. Custom Payment Gateway (Razorpay)

  2. Set Email Address as the primary Sign-up field
    In order to enable the international selling feature, it is mandatory to set the primary sign-up field as Email. Following are the steps to set the primary sign-up field:
    1. Login to the admin panel.
    2. Click on Website and App Setup.
    3. Under General Settings tab, set the Student Sign Up Primary Field as Email and Save.

Enable & Set-up International Selling

Please follow the steps below to enable and set-up the international selling.
  1. Login to the admin panel.
  2. Click on Settings and then select International Selling from the left navigation bar.

  3. Click on Enable.
  4. Once enabled, you will see the below setting.
    Note: Branch Currency cannot be updated if any transactions has present in the system.

  5. Check the option Enable international selling for the “<<branch name>>” branch.
    Now, the admin can add multiple currencies in the branch. This check is branch specific and would have to be enabled individually for every branch.

  6. Click on + Add Currency option and fill the required details to add a currency type:
    1. Currency (required): Select the currency type from the drop-down options.
    2. Position (required): To select the position of the currency sign (to be placed before or after the amount).
    3. Manual Conversion Rate (required)
      1. Admin can set the manual conversion rate here.
      2. This will be based on the branch currency set in the system. 
      3. For example, if branch currency is INR and I am adding US Dollar as a new currency, then 1 INR equals to 0.013 USD. So, the conversion rate can be set as 0.013 or as per the organization’s requirement.
    4. Adjustment Rate (optional): This is the additional percentage of amount which gets added to the course base price. For example, if adjustment rate is 10%, the final price of the course will be 10% more of the base price set in the course’s Pricing & Publish section.
    5. Default Currency: This is a checkbox. Please select if you want to set this currency as the default currency of your branch.
      Note: This currency type will be applicable on all the courses for which the specific currency is not set.

  7. Allow auto rate conversion – If enabled, following will be applicable:
    1. The system will automatically convert the course price to the respective currency based on the present day’s conversion rate. To exemplify, if course price is set as INR 1000 and the present day conversion rate is 1 INR = 0.013 USD, then the user accessing the course from USA will see $12.25 USD as the course price.
    2. Manual conversion rate setting will not be applicable if this setting is enabled.
  8. Enable Fix Pricing – If enabled, the following will be applicable:
    1. The system will pick the price set in foreign currency in the Pricing & Publish setting of the particular course.
    2. This setting takes the highest precedence. It means auto rate conversion and manual conversion rate will not be applicable.
    3. Below section Setting-up additional currency for a Course will take you through the step-by-step process to set-up the price of any course in a foreign currency. 
This concludes the process of enabling the international selling feature in the system and adding multiple currencies.

Setting-up specific price for a Course in foreign currency

If Enable Fix Pricing setting is enabled in International Selling, then the foreign currency price would have to be specified for each course added in the system. Otherwise, the system will show the price based on the setting auto rate conversion/manual conversion rate enabled.

The following steps can be followed to add the price of any course in the currency added in the system.
  1. Click on Courses & Content.
  2. Select the course for which the pricing is to be set.
  3. Click on Pricing & Publish option and then on the edit button to add the price.

  4. Now, click on the drop-down option Select Currency to edit Instalments and add the course fees in the new currency.

  5. Set the price of the course in the new currency.

  6. Click on Save.

Key Points to Remember

  1. International selling feature can only be enabled by clients who have either integrated their own Razorpay Payment Gateway with Edmingle or are using Edmingle’s Payment Gateway.
  2. We will charge a settlement fee of 2.9% (in addition to the gateway’s fee) to the clients selling their courses internationally using Edmingle’s payment gateway.
  3. It is mandatory to set the primary sign-up field as Email.
  4. Promo code can be functional with Indian currency only.
  5. As of now, Referral System will not work if international selling setting is enabled.
  6. Sales report will be available in branch currency only.

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